Typical Day

Typical Day

Teacher with the violin surrounded by kids

Activities change as the children change, but we tend to get into routines that provide a safe framework for the children, adapting them as necessary. We walk in our neighborhood to visit work trucks if we hear them working, or to discover just what bird is pecking on the pole. Two mornings a week we have musicians come in for song and dance. Risa Dye of Jelly Jam Time brings her dynamic music and movement class with its variety of interesting songs and props

8:30—9:30 Children arrive and are greeted. Parents give a general report on mood, sleep, toileting, and any other important information. The children have free play and get comfortable before their family leaves. The children choose what they will start the day with: blocks, cuddling, stories, singing, playing in the sandbox, or running around.

9:30—10:00 Morning meeting: we have fruit and grains as we gather together at the table and talk about our plans for day.

10:00—12:15 Indoor & Outdoor play: we spend time looking at the plants and the bugs, working in the yard, or digging in the large sandbox. The children interact with the plants, watch the birds, play & explore with water, paint, read, eat figs from the tree, hunt for strawberries in the patch, taste herbs in the garden, hide in the playhouse or just lay in the mulch and feel the sun on their skin. They also have free access to inside where they can rest, build forts, dictate stories, climb on the couch, bake, swing, or play in any way they choose.

11:45—12:15 Lunch: We eat outside. Lunch is typically vegetarian with lots of beans, pasta, rice, or tortillas. We have at least two veggies and milk with lunch.

12:15—1:00 Indoor & Outdoor play. The children choose where they want to be and what they do. Children who need earlier naps should be picked up in time to accommodate their needs. We give a detailed verbal report of our day, the ups and downs, health & eating reports, moments of triumph, or challenges. Children need to be picked up by 1:00.