Comments from Parents

Comments from Parents

“Once you’ve been a Happy Baby Family you will never, ever, ever be happy with another school situation, which is not because every second was rainbows and butterflies, but because your children were in a loving environment with incredible caregivers who met them where they were at, encouraged their curiosity and creativity and didn’t push the hard stuff under the rug. And there’s chickens.”—Susan Snyder

“Happy Baby provides loving and attentive care while supporting independence and exploration. Stephanie and her staff strike this balance with such joy and effortlessness and we marvel at it daily. Our daughter has learned so much about how to be a respectful and valued member of the Happy Baby community, which is noticeable in all her social interaction inside and outside of school. We really can’t say enough about how much we love Happy Baby!” —MacKenzie Moore

“Happy Baby is all outdoor time and social/emotional growth. Kids get to play in a beautiful garden that is set up for them, watched over by warm and intuitive teachers. Both my daughters loved this sweet little utopia!” —MariaElena Conserva

“Happy Baby provided an environment where my daughter could freely explore, experiment and learn from the sensory-rich surroundings. She felt loved, nurtured and respected and still speaks about her time there with enthusiasm and glee.”—Jennifer Wilks

“The children get freedom and time to explore in a small setting with sweet teachers.”—Jamaica Itule Simmons

“Every time I went to pick up my son from Happy Baby, he would run away and hide because he didn’t want to leave.”—Juliana Spahr

“Happy Baby was the ideal environment for my son – loving, fun, creative, calm, and joyful. Stephanie and her amazing staff are the type of teachers you want to have throughout your child’s entire educational experience. They allowed my son to be himself, to learn and grow at his pace, and to support other children in their learning. We loved Happy Baby!” —Mara Guccione

“Our son’s time at Happy Baby was a truly unique and lovely experience. The teacher ratio meant he was free to explore and learn safely in the real world while developing the social skills to navigate peer relationships in the healthiest way possible. We can’t recommend it enough.” —Nicholas Fynn

“Pepe tracks meticulously when HB is open and shut — and come Monday morning is raring to go. Some days, we have to visit HB when it’s shut, just to look in from the outside. And, she’s an active recruiter — she set her sights on baby A when he was 10 mos.; 2 months later, and her campaign has not ebbed. As a parent: her empathy, communication, freedom, and self direction have flourished while at HB”—Olga Draper

“Happy Baby is a wonderful place that provides a warm and loving environment in which children thrive. After five years and two graduates I am grateful for the quality and commitment that Stephanie and her staff bring every day, as well as for the positive parent community that develops every year. The facility itself has expanded so that now kids can spend even more time outside, which was always one of the things we loved best, that children get to be out picking fruit, caring for animals, climbing, digging and working in bliss. The children are secure, collaborative and confident, learning to communicate in a safe and positive way. I have become a better parent because of my time spend with my children at Happy Baby!”
Cynthia King

“We are thrilled to have our daughter at Happy Baby! It is a warm and loving environment with a great balance between free play and guided activities. We are consistently impressed with their responses to situations that come up, either with an individual child or between two children. We are very confident in their judgment and their ability to read the needs of the kids.”
Deb Fink

“Happy Baby takes wonderful care of toddlers in a warm, fun, kid-friendly home. [The teachers] are enthusiastic, lively, and communicative, with a deep commitment to providing excellent, nurturing care. We appreciate how much they communicate with us and how much they help us learn about our son’s development. Most of all, we love how much they loves our son (and vice versa!).”
Katie Woodruff

“My daughter Charlotte thrived at Happy Baby and here are just some of the reasons why:

  • She was accepted for who she is and was truly loved
  • She explored the amazing backyard and learned all different kinds of play (like in the sandbox, with the hose, in the water tables, with flour & flax seeds too, and in the trees
  • She recognizes different plants, flowers and herbs when we’re out walking in our neighborhood because of her experience in the Happy Baby Backyard
  • She got really dirty, which means (to me anyway) that she was allowed to explore at her own pace, to her interests
  • She ate delicious (and nutritious) food – lentil stew is her current favorite
  • The weekly music teacher on top of what music & singing they did every, and my daughter LOVES to sing!
  • She learned to interact with other children and learned how to negotiate relationships with her peers and adults too.”

Shauna Fithian