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Stephanie Agnew, M.A., Owner & Director & Co-TeacherStephanie Agnew

After opening Happy Baby in early 2005, I quickly discovered that working with infants and toddlers is my passion. I am thrilled to bring a high quality program to my community and enjoy the ongoing challenges the work brings.

In 2011 I earned a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at Sonoma State University, emphasizing play-based, constructivist learning. I am especially interested in the role of nature in children’s lives, and how modern children are often disconnected from natural environments. I have a B.A. in English from Mills College, as well. Currently I work at implementing Reggio Emilia inspired practices with toddlers, working with their interests to develop our “messy” activities and focusing on our relationship and the relationships they build with each other, as well as studying conflict management. I appreciate and study the work of Bev Bos, Magda Gerber, Alfie Kohn, Howard Gardner, and especially the Reggio Emilia approach. Recently I served as a Berkeley Early Childhood Education Commissioner, allowing me to bring my passion for education to a public forum. I am also an adjunct instructor of Early Childhood Education at Solano Community College and in the process of becoming a PITC certified trainer.

Personally, I enjoy hiking and camping with my family, gardening, reading, yoga, and getting to know the children I work with and their families.

Josi Rosky, Head Teacher
Photo of Josi Rosky Josi grew up in Berkeley, and now lives in Oakland with her husband, son, and large dog. She graduated from Le Cordon Rouge Culinary School and spent 18 years cooking at restaurants and bakeries around the bay area. After reassessing her life and realizing that she is happiest outdoors and around children, she went back to school and earned her early childhood education units at The Association of Children’s Services in Oakland. She’s worked at a variety of preschool settings most recently Garden Day and Apple Garden Montessori. Believing that if a child’s first relationships with teachers are that of warmth and trust it sets the tone for future educational ease.

Miriam Sauer, Co Teacher
I have had the pleasure to work and learn with young children for over 12 years in bothMiriam
preschool and family settings. My interest originally grew from studying human
development at the University of Wisconsin and has continued through the spontaneity,
creativity, and joy that early childhood education offers. Along with teaching, I have a deep appreciation for the outdoors which has led me on many adventures and to study horticulture and permaculture. For four years I was able to combine these interests at an outdoor preschool in Big Sur. Based on my experiences I feel passionately that an outdoor environment combined with nurturing mentors is a powerful way for young children to begin to understand themselves and the world around them. I look forward to many days filled with children and collaboration with the teachers in the beautiful environment of Happy Baby Small School!

Veronica Aycinena, Co Teacher
Picture Of Veronica
I was born and raised in Guatemala, and I’ve always had a passion for taking care of others. I started working at a preschool while studying Psychology at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. After two years and getting promoted to head teacher, I decided that Education was the career I really wanted to pursue. In 2015 I got the opportunity to move to the Bay Area to become a full time nanny for a family that is now a Happy Baby family. Happy Baby has been an amazing place where I have learned so much and I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing, caring community! Looking forward to many more laughs and hugs with these wonderful kids!

Deianira Barajas, Substitute
Photo of Deianira Barajas Ever since preschool, my teachers would report that I would chase after the younger children and watch over them. I’d make sure they didn’t hurt themselves on the play structure and I’d nurse them when they did. I started babysitting at 12, and am currently at Berkeley City College, aiming for nursing school. While I grew out of mothering my peers, the inclination to take care of the little ones remains. Getting the chance to watch their minds develop and see their unique personalities unravel is fascinating. I believe that young minds should be guided in a fun and loving environment that helps them learn along with their interests. Happy Baby does just that and I’m very excited to be a part of it!